A Beginners Guide to Make Hemp Bracelets

3 years ago - Lesley York
Lesley York

Hemp Social Expert

Hemp jewelry has been quite trendy lately. There are many varieties of hemp bracelets available these days. For those who are not aware of what a hemp bracelet is, it is essentially a jewelry type made with hemp fibers. A great thing about hemp fibers is that you can find them in a wide variety of colors these days. A large number of people develop the habit of making different types of jewelry, especially bracelets. With the increasing popularity of hemp bracelets, many people want to find out how to make hemp bracelets. Well, that is what this article will discuss.

Making hemp bracelets is quite simple yet extremely exciting. The first thing you need to make these bracelets is to find a good hemp fiber. Hemp fiber is available in online stores, as well as the craft market. You also have to decide the type of hemp you plan to use for your bracelet.

Making Hemp Bracelets

Few accessories look better than bracelets when you are trying to make a style statement. A lot of people are huge fans of diamond bracelets, pearl bracelets, rubber bracelets, and beaded bracelets. As soon as you learn how to make bracelets from hemp, you can improve their beauty by incorporating beads and various other charms.

How to Make Hemp Bracelets with Easy to Find Materials

Here is a list of some conveniently available materials you will need to make your hemp bracelet.

  • Safety Pins
  • Hemp Twine (20 lbs.)
  • Scissors
  • Chord Tips

The Procedure

  • Start with single hemp twine. Make sure that it is six times longer than the hemp bracelet's actual size. Take another hemp twine and cut it in a size that is twice as long as the first twine's size.
  • Fold the hemp strands precisely in the middle. Remember to fold one strand at a time while creating a crease at the center of the strands.
  • Tie knots on the creased center of the strands. Remember to leave a loop end, which should be not less than ½ inch long.
  • Pin down the hemp strand’s knotted end by using a safety pin. Make sure that you secure the pinned twine from at a sturdy end, for example, a chair cover or table. Also, keep a heavy object on the pinned loop to ensure that it stays in one place.
  • Arrange all four hemp strands in a way where the shorter strands are in the middle while the longest strands are on the sides of the short strands.
  • Now it is time to start knotting the strands.
  • Pull the twine at the right to an angle of 450 degrees from the center twines. Use your left hand and guide the strand into the middle twines. After that, guide the strand to the left outer twine’s back to get the "4" shape.
  • Hold the "4" figure and go through the procedure once again with the outer twine on the left to create one more "4" shape. Increase tightness by pulling back both the outer twines.
  • Repeat the same process at the back of the opposing twines
  • Go over the same alternating pattern throughout the hemp twines length to make sure that your hemp bracelet is flat. You can also repeat the original pattern all around the bracelet to achieve a spiral hemp bracelet.
  • If you want your bracelet to look extra special, you can add some beading on the bracelet. Remember to tie a minimum of two knots in, around, and between the two beads. You can make any design and pattern by using the beads. You can even add 2 or 3 beads just for highlighting the middle area of your hemp bracelet.
  • Finally, start tying all the remains of the four hemp twines using a tight knot. Keep clasps on both of the ends of your bracelet.
  • Your hemp bracelet is finally ready!

As mentioned earlier, you have a lot of hemp textures and colors to choose for making different types of personalized hemp bracelets for matching your different outfits. Do not get discouraged if your bracelet is not perfect on the first attempt. It will take some trial and error, but once you learn it, the process will become entertaining.