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Over the past ten years, there has been a growing trend towards hemp products and the hemp industry as a whole. The benefits of hemp are endless; the fibers from hemp are used for a variety of purposes, including food, medicine, beauty products, automotive, industrial, office products, gardening, farming, and much more. As a sustainable industry that is gaining traction as a revolutionary product for thousands of uses, the awareness, and growth of hemp and hemp-products are being monitored on a global scale.

Founded in 2018, HempNow is a progressive technology company with the dual objective of finding the best hemp products for consumers and providing a state of the art platform for companies to market and showcase their products. With offices in Canada and the United States, the company's key focuses are hemp research, web development, marketing, and business. HempNow is proud to be a leader in the marketing of hemp products and stands by a commitment to ensure hemp products are widely available to consumers seeking to engage the natural benefits of hemp.


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