Uses for Hemp

Can you smoke Hemp?

3 years ago - Lesley York
Lesley York

Hemp Social Expert

While hemp was banned in the USA and much of the world in the early part of this century, there has been a massive resurgence of this exciting plant thanks to the 2014 and 2018 Farming Bill, which has legalized the plant in many states across the USA. The Marijuana Tax Act in 1937 put a stop to hemp growing and industrial use for this plant, yet today the world is changing as hemp is used for its super strong fibers and medicinal purposes.

Hemp doesn’t have the high that marijuana has, while it is from the same family of plant it is not the same species and the high that is gained from the high levels of TBC do not exist in hemp, so you won’t have the psychotic effect.

Is hemp going to give you a high?

At the end of the day, the plant is different from marijuana and the big difference is the THC levels. Marijuana has around 15% to 20% THC which can make a noticeable difference to the mood and state of mind, while the THC is a barely traceable level of around 0.3%.People who use hemp can drive and operate heavy machinery as the minuscule level of THC doesn’t affect any functioning of the body and still makes you feel exactly normal.

While some will smoke the buds or flowers of the marijuana plant in a joint, hemp doesn’t provide any high – so it is quite pointless to smoke hemp. While you can smoke hemp, it is not going to make you stoned – and the hemp plant it more likely to be used for a range of industrial purposes or in CBD oil. The oil is often used for a range of uses particularly for chronic pain, anxiety and a range of medical situations.

Can I smoke or vaping hemp to treat anxiety?

This is a popular way to help with anxiety and is one side of the hemp industry that is quickly growing in the USA and globally. Thanks to its ability to enhance anxiety and well being, hemp can be used in vaping or smoked to help with insomnia or feelings of anxiety. Results show that rather than ingesting hemp oil or hemp products, smoking hemp can get into the blood stream quicker and provide a faster effect for the smoker.

Hemp flowers that are used in hemp cigarettes or hemp vapes are readily available across the US and are growing popularity. Many hemp dispensaries across the US offer pre-rolled hemp and herbal joints, which are available to the general public.

The jury is out about products that are ingested via smoking; however, there are benefits to smoking hemp for the mind and relaxation, which is why the products are gaining popularity. Whether you call is a joint, reefer, doobie or any other slang term, the hemp or rolled cannabis is helping to offer feelings of relaxation, pain relief and anxiety relief to a growing population of consumers. Whether you have trouble sleeping or you want to improve your state of mind, many are turning to hemp to enhance their overall state of mind.

Can you drive after smoking hemp?

Yes, this is no different to driving after a cigarette. You can drive after smoking hemp as the levels of THC are super low and cannot affect your functioning. Every state and country has their own laws about hemp, so it is important to do your own research to ensure your state laws are abided to before you smoke hemp and drive.

To find out more about where to buy hemp joints, ask at your local dispensary or store – there are plenty of brands coming to the market as smoking hemp becomes more and more popular globally.