Hemp Shoes – Material, History, Style, and Sustainability

3 years ago - Tristan Franklin
Tristan Franklin

Hemp Social Expert

The hemp fibers lead the majority of the hemp shoes to be waterproof. The natural cork makes up the insole of the hemp shoes. Recycled rubber, on the other hand, makes up the outsole of the hemp shoes. Unlike cotton-crafted accessories and shoes, hemp needs relatively less water because of the plant roots fresh the soil.

Apart from the durability features of the hemp shoes, it’s the comfort that takes the cake. You can wear hemp shoes for heavy outdoor use. Similarly, lightweight hemp shoes feel more natural. And most importantly, hemp shoes have anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. The selling point of hemp shoes goes beyond the design. But waterproof feature invariably helps people to prevent dust, stains, and liquid stains on the shoes.

Historical Roots

The hemp plant has always been a blessing in disguise. Historically, several civilizations made the most out of the unique plant to craft different kinds of hemp products, including shoes. Not to mention the green crop has countless medicinal benefits

What Constitutes a Great Hemp Shoe?

  • The insoles of hemp shoes must be 100% organic
  • The natural rubber and upper soles of hemp shoes must be 100% Organic
  • Laces of the hemp shoes should also be 100% organic

Variety of Hemp Shoes

  • Classic hemp shoes
  • Comfortable hemp shoes
  • Hippy hemp shoes
  • Funky hemp shoes
  • Unique hemp shoes

Best of the Bunch: Hemp Sneakers

Sneaker enthusiasts are aware of the benefits of hemp sneakers. Hemp sneakers have an online cult following. Global brands such as Nike and Adidas gradually realize the importance of hemp shoes.  Realistically, it’s not just a hipster idea, but it’s a practical approach for the wearers and as well as for the companies.

Hemp Shoes: It’s about Sustainability

Since the dawn of shoe manufacturing and styles, sustainability is still at the center of it all. Besides, sustainability is not a short-term trend. Instead, hemp footwear is here to stay. Today, the sustainability of hemp shoes doesn’t hurt the environment. As a result, more shoe manufacturers than ever want to use creative methods to decrease waste. It’s a factor that the 21st-century shoe shopper (millennials and Gen Z) takes into account.

Hemp Shoes: The Making of the Material

Primarily, the hemp plant uses minimum water for growth. It creates a self-resistance against insects that leaves little to no room for pollution. Besides, hemp naturally turns the soil healthier and harvestable.

Considerations to Buy the Best Pair of Hemp Shoes

vCheck the Sole

Your sole should be of synthetic or rubber material. The idea is to get optimal balance and protection from rough surfaces. Furthermore, look for shock absorption and traction in your hemp shoes.

vLook for the ‘Right’ Material

You should never generalize the use of hemp in your shoes. And that’s because it varies from brand to brand. Therefore, check how much hemp material your brand is using in different areas of the shoe. Ideally, the footwear should have hemp to qualify for the measurement.

vComfort and durability

When it comes to comfortability of your hemp shoe, look for the sufficient toe space, breathability, and cushioning on the upper level of the shoe. After fitting, measure the level of comfort when you wear the shoe. Your hemp shoes shouldn’t feel tight that might leave blisters. If comfort is your top priority, go for the lightweight hemp shoes that are perfect for walking and running.

Wrap Up: The Green Style

In hindsight, Hemp shoes go beyond sustainable or fashion. It’s about the necessity to care for the planet we all love and share. Once you understand this dynamic, it becomes easier to understand why people are welcoming hemp shoes with open arms. Hemp sneakers, for instance, represents sophistication throughout your wardrobe and adds more class. The idea of worrying about your carbon footprint is not born out of thin air. Hemp shoes can help people minimize their carbon footprint. In a way, hemp shoes represent an opportunity for individuals who want to do their green part and evolve.