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Hemp Twine – The Best Material You Can Choose

3 years ago - Matthew David
Matthew David

Hemp Knowledge Expert

You might not be aware of this, but hemp twine is perfect when it comes to arts and crafts. Furthermore, it’s ideal to make jewelry and beading. Technically, hemp twine is naturally antibacterial and UV resistant. In simple terms, it’s arguably the strongest natural fiber in existence.

The best thing about hemp fiber is that there’s no risk of deterioration due to saltwater. It means you can use hemp twine for your special projects close to the ocean. There’s a good chance you may have already seen hemp twine in the form hemp string, rope, or cord. It’s (more or less) the same thing.  You can use hemp twine to create candles. In fact, it is a much healthier option because you don’t have to be in direct contact with the flame.

Historical Relevance

Historically, jute is another vegetable kind of fiber that is similar to hemp. You can use it to harvest or incorporate it into other fibers such as rope. Just like hemp, hemp twine has been relevant throughout human civilization.

The use of core hemp twine material is known over Asia. In fact, it signifies the cultural importance that goes back five thousand years. However, the popularity of hemp twine rose to new heights during Britain's rule as an East India Company.

Different Types of Hemp Twines

  • Natural hemp twine
  • Dyed hemp twine
  • Closeouts hemp twine
  • Hungarian hemp twine
  • Spool hemp twine
  • Hemp cord

Apart from different types of hemp twine, there is a multitude of color variations. You can practically get your hands on a hundred diverse colors for your project.

Choose the Right Material for Jewelry and Bracelets

If you, for instance, want to create hemp jewelry, you will first have to choose a different type of hemp twine. The range of hemp twine colors can be overwhelming for anyone. However, natural tan color has become a signature color for folks.

The craftsmanship of the majority of hemp jewelry ranges from 1mm to 20 lb twine. That said, you should get thicker twines to get a lasting effect on, say, men’s necklaces. As much as the thickness of your twine matters, make sure it doesn’t have too many lumps. You can, of course, opt for a rough texture rather than a smooth option.

What about Hemp Rope?

Hemp rope was quite famous among hunters because the strong fabric allows them to pull, tighten, or attach the prey with full force. On an industrial scale, the usage of hemp is similar to cotton. Industries use hemp twine to make shoes, bags, paper, and clothes.

Moreover, hemp couldn’t be perfect for DIY projects. Whether you want to decorate your room, house walls, or balcony, the hemp twine is a great choice. In fact, the rustic nature of the hemp twine is crucial to prevent exterior damage. Hemp ropes, for instance, is also a great gift. It gives the idea to the other individual that you want them to feel the comfort of life.

Hemp Twine: Legal Status

There are different legal factors to cultivate hemp that change from one country to another. However, industries are legally free to grow hemp twine in more than 30 countries. Unfortunately, the U.S. doesn’t permit the cultivation of hemp on an industrial scale. As a result, the import of hemp twine goes rampant every year to meet the growing demand.

What’s the Difference between Hemp Twine and Cord?

Several people often confuse hemp twine with cord. And that’s perfectly reasonable because the difference lies in the technicality. In simple terms, the craftsmanship of hemp involves fewer fiber strands as compared to the cord. You can recognize the hemp cord via its round thickness. And because of that even thickness, it makes a great option to create quality jewelry.

Final Thoughts: Climate Friendly Fiber

Today, hemp twine is prepared from 100% hemp. The entire process is environmentally better. Also, the growth of hemp twine eliminates the usage of herbicides and pesticides altogether. There’s no involvement of chemicals during the production of hemp twine, which means the highest durability and strength of the material. From small to large projects, the hemp twine is unquestionably beneficial for climate.