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What is Hempcrete?

3 years ago - Matthew David
Matthew David

Hemp Knowledge Expert

The world of hemp is a very exciting industry with fibers from the hemp plant being used for just about everything – including concrete! Made using the fibers of the hemp plant, hempcrete is a construction material that uses the hemp hurds to create the concrete mixture. The hemp hurds, lime and materials are all combined to make a super strong and durable material that is breathable and waterproof.

Individuals who love the idea of natural and eco-friendly materials and turning to hempcrete to create sustainable and strong buildings that can be used in low and high temperatures.

How is hempcrete different from traditional concrete?

The big difference between standard concrete and hempcrete is the addition of the hemp fibers and hemp hurds to add extra strength to the mixture. The hemp and lime mixture has the woody core of the hemp, which makes it really strong and also ethical at the same time – and who doesn’t want that in their home or property construction? Using hempcrete is gaining popularity due to the thermal performance in particular. The product is also very sustainable as it has a high flame zone rating, making it great for those who construct buildings in areas prone to bush fires.

Hempcrete is also affordable and the materials are readily available thanks to a growing popularity in the hemp industry. If you want to build using green and ethical materials, hempcrete is worth exploring.

Why do people use hempcrete in buildings?

There are lots of benefits to using hempcrete, including the fact that the material in the hempcrete are readily available, have very little impact on the environment, plus this type of concrete helps keep properties cool in summer and warm in winter.

As well as the thermal properties attributed to hempcrete, the fibers from the hemp plant are antibacterial which means that mold is reduced or non-existent – a huge benefit for a property and those that are living or working in it.

The removal of the issue of mold means that the property is safer for those with allergies or asthma – making the environment safe to live in or work in – and keeping the temperature and environment clean.

Using renewable ingredients in a building material is also a great way to incorporate sustainable and ethical materials that can ensure the building is strong and safe while at the same time incorporating quality products in the construction.

Is hempcrete better than concrete?

It is a personal preference which material you use in construction, however, the hemp industry is growing and with the growth there are an increasing number of products that are coming to the market. Products include fiberboard made from hemp, hemp insulation, hempcrete, hemp hurds and much more. The plant has been used in a range of uses for thousands of years, and it is slowly but surely being added to literally thousands of products across the globe.

If you are looking for a renewable construction material that does the same job, if not better, than concrete – hempcrete is well worth a look. Explore the process for hempcrete, test it out and choose for yourself which one suits your building needs. Both are created in a similar way, with mineral binder and water to help create a chemical reaction that creates the strong bond. Check out hempcrete and explore why so many in the construction industry are moving over to this exciting product. Available across the building and construction industry, hempcrete is another fantastic product from the hemp plant and is well worth checking out next time you consider your build or renovation.